Is this the first photo of Radiohead ever taken?

A little more than a year ago we got all excited about an early “lost” Radiohead track from back in the boys’ boarding school days, when they were known as On A Friday. It turned out to be an elaborate hoax, but the response served to remind us that there’s always plenty of interest around the mythos of Radiohead’s genesis.

On that note, today we present Radiohead circa-1986, the year after “Back to the Future” came out. That’s 27 years ago. It’s thought to be the first-ever photo of Radiohead, taken before Jonny Greenwood was even in the band.

The image surfaced as part of a promotional campaign for a new music documentary called “Anyone Can Play Guitar”. Yes, Thom Yorke is smiling, yes Phil Selway has hair, yes Ed O’Brien is oddly good looking and, yes, Colin Greenwood looks exactly the same. (And yes that is a fully righteous Iron Maiden poster in the background—hung, we can only assume, unironically.)

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