Premiere: ADULTROCK’s trance-inducing ‘Chants’

Something’s in the water in Ireland these days, folks. Something electric, and it’s about damned time y’all caught on. Only the latest in a stream of excellent artists coming out of that Atlantic isle, ADULTROCK (aka Gavin Elsted) brings a dancefloor-ready vibe to the electronic music alchemy currently suffusing his home country. And Death and Taxes now has ADULTROCK premiering his latest track “Chants”.

The track, which calls to mind the likes of Underworld, Chemical Brothers and Progressive House music of old, dares you to step foot on the dancefloor.

“I wanted to make the same type of music as I had been making before but with the dancefloor in mind,” says Elsted. “Teengirl Fantasy and Blondes were the type of things I was listening to at the time.”

Stream “Chants” below and head over to ADULTROCK’s Soundcloud page to check out some other tracks.