Bobcat Goldthwait defends hipsters

In addition to his opinion of Twitter versus Instagram, there was another sound bite from The Laugh Button’s interview with Bobcat Goldthwait that I should have pulled for you. Who knows why I didn’t. Maybe I’m too so cynical about white culture and it’s long overdue I watch “Can’t Buy Me Love” again for McDreamy’s big speech about cafeteria seating. Your side, my side — it’s all bullshit!

Or maybe it isn’t all bullshit. The “God Bless America” director on hipsters:

I find it really funny how, even in “God Bless America”, Tara [Lynne Barr] says something about how she doesn’t like hipsters, and that was something she ad-libbed. Yeah, there are arrogant buffoons in every culture, in every group of people, but really what hipsters are saying, and maybe there is a sweater and maybe there is the ironic glasses and beards and all that kind of stuff, but what they’re really saying is, Hey, we can make and like better things; maybe the lowest common denominator isn’t the most entertaining. So I’m not as soured on hipsters as all the old fogies my age.

So, wait. Does this mean yuppies aren’t into liking better things? Because I love home espresso machines and jojoba face cream. Now I’m confused. You can listen to “Bobcat Goldthwait in his own words” from The Laugh Button in full at the link.