Get your Depeche Mode fix with their new video for ‘Soothe My Soul’

The guitarist silhouettes and slithery snake crawling on the belly of a half-naked woman don’t make Depeche Mode’s new music video any sexier; it just reminds me how much better they are live.

The video for their new track “Soothe My Soul”, uploaded to their VEVO channel on Thursday, sorta feels like Depeche Mode on auto-pilot. Like the synthetic finger-snapping and all the black and white photography? It’s unnecessary. I’m sure “Soothe My Soul”, or any other track from their new album which released on iTunes this week, is a much better jam in an arena. A Depeche Mode concert spoils you. Case in point: Their sweet set at SXSW.

But these guys aren’t touring in the U.S. until August, so, for now, get your new DM fix below.

U.S. tour dates for 2012 are listed here.