Watch ‘Michael Robinson: Making the Supermigration Video’

Solar Bears are set to release their latest album “Supermigration” on April 15 via Planet Mu. Recently, Solar Bears collaborated with experimental filmmaker Michael Robinson on a short film titled “Supermigration,” which serves as both a primer and aesthetic leitmotif to the record. As another treat leading up to the album’s release, we’re giving you a peak into Michael’s process with “Michael Robinson: Making the ‘Supermigration’ Video”.

I had a chance to meet Michael when he came to New York to shoot some footage of the city’s psychedelic Christmas lights for the “Supermigration” short film. My friend and collaborator Devin Tanchum and I filmed Michael at work on the Roosevelt Island tram. He used a Nizo Professional 8mm camera, exposing one frame at a time to various types of textured glass and moving the camera in a painterly way. It resulted in an incredibly trippy and beautiful video experience (also below).

Michael talks about digital vs. analogue, replicating cosmic visuals with UV dyes, and filmmaking as a type of adventure.

“Michael Robinson: Making the ‘Supermigration’ Video” was produced by Uniswoon and Last Night on Earth. Directed by DJ Pangburn. Cinematography and editing by Devin T.N. Tanchum. Production sound by Lauren Tanchum. Music Supervisor: DJ Pangburn.

MichaelRobinson – Making the “Supermigration” Video from Last Night On Earth on Vimeo.

Solar Bears ‘Supermigration’ film from Planet Mu on Vimeo.