Radiohead guest list from 1997 features every 90s all-star imaginable

True story: I saw Radiohead in 1993 shortly after “Pablo Honey” came out. They were opening for Belly at a small club in Boston, and no one really gave a shit. Their single “Creep” was starting to get radio play, and a few hands went up when Jonny Greenwood struck the song’s signature “chug-chug” deadbeats before the chorus. An older friend got me backstage at that show and hardly anyone noticed Thom Yorke’s oddly strung-out demeanor behind his bleach-blond hair. They were all too busy clamoring to talk to Tanya Donnelly.

Fast-forward four years and take a look at the guest list from their show in 1997, posted a few months back by TrueOtterAwaits and just brought to our attention now. Admittedly, we can’t verify that this isn’t legitimate and not a bogus piece of early lore like that supposed lost Radiohead track that surfaced recently. But it’s pretty baller. It reads like the starting lineup of the 1990s Cultural All-Stars. (Oh, and also Dave Matthews.) You’ll notice that U2 is on there with a +18, but their manager Paul McGuinness is penciled in at the bottom, bringing the total U2 haul to 21. Ed O’Brien, a self-styled “U2 historian,” must have been over the moon.