Man drives dope ’70s Chevy through Walmart, attacks customers with iron rod

A man in San Jose, California neglected to kick off his Easter Sunday by asking, WWJD?

Instead the man, reportedly in his 30s, went totally apeshit and drove his his choice 70s Chevy with cherry paint and white top straight through store window of a Walmart and started attacking customers with an “iron rod.” So just to get that straight: He drove his car through the plate-glass window a Walmart, proceeded 10-20 feet deep once inside the store, running plum over a Budweiser display. And then he apparently got out of the car, hopped down over the crushed Budweiser display, and began attacking customers with an iron rod.

A woman reports the man sideswiped her car while he was circling the parking lot outside before making his move through the doors. “At first, I thought I may have done something to anger him while driving,” the woman told San Jose Mercury News. “But then I realized he was out to get into the store.”

And get it he did. Four people were hurt in the process.

Police believe drugs or alcohol “may have been involved” in the incident. No hard evidence there—but a police instinct developed over decades led San Jose cops to suspect the man may not have been 110% sober at the time of the incident (which was 11:15 a.m., incidentally.)

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