Belching dubstep artist releases new EP

Back in July 2012, Sander van Dijck had his friend drop some gastrointestinal samples for a little house project he proudly titled “Burpstep.” Since, the Netherlands artist has moved away from the Garbage Pail Kid-inspired electronica and released the more straightforward dubstep EP, “Corellia,” inexplicably named after Han Solo’s home planet. I guess he must really admire the swarthy Star Wars character because his stage name, San Holo, is basically a less litigious version.

Anyways, “Corellia” can be listened to in full on Holo’s bandcamp page, but, TBH, I’m digging the belchy beats. When are more of those coming? “[‘Burpstep’] was a one-off thing,” van Dijck told me on Facebook. “Although … maybe soon a pt 2.”

Check out “Burpstep” from van Dijck’s YouTube below:

h/t What the Christ?