Feinstein: NRA intimidates senators from voting for gun control

Another reason U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid can’t back down from the fight for new gun control laws is Dianne Feinstein. The U.S. Senator from California continues to champion weapons reform in a clear, concise manner that the press loves to write about and Washington lobbyists cannot ignore.

On Wednesday, Feinstein spoke to 500 of her constituents in San Francisco on how the National Rifle Association is, behind closed doors, trying to corrupt the gun control discourse into more about keeping jobs on the Hill and less about protecting Americans. Come re-election time, Feinstein says, the NRA will spend money on campaigning against each and every senator who votes for the upcoming gun control legislation package.

“A fear has set in that if they vote for the bill they won’t be re-elected,” she said. “It’s that plain, it’s that simple … My view is they shouldn’t go up to the Senate if they are unwilling to stand up and vote.”

In 1994, Feinstein authored the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which Bill Clinton signed into law the same day it passed through Congress. When the federal law expired 10 years later, AK-47s, Uzis, TEC-9s and 16 more kinds of military-style assault weapons were allowed back onto the market. After Sandy Hook, Feinstein introduced a new set of weapons reform bills that this time would not have an expiration date — to reduce violence in schools and inner-cities permanently. The NRA have contested her statistics that explain why less guns equals less violence.

“It had begun to do what we wanted it to do, which is to drive down the number of these guns over time,” said Feinstein, referring to her 1994 law. “The NRA has their statistics, I have mine.”