A handwritten note from Roger Ebert on his all-time favorite movies

When I was 14, I bailed on little league to staple myself to the living room couch and take in as many must-watch movies as possible. I really had no idea where to start. So, in the summer of 1993, I interviewed 22 film critics by phone and snail-mail to ask their all-time favorite dramas, comedies, action/adventures, actors and actresses. The following summer, I called more critics to ask their all-time favorite directors, backed by three of the filmmakers’ works. The survey results are listed at the previous link.

Of the critics who partook, Roger Ebert was the only one who replied in longhand. I kept falling asleep while watching his pick for Favorite Drama but over the years began to comprehend the spectacle of “Citizen Kane” — especially after reading the entry in Ebert’s “The Great Movies,” which I recommend to all movie lovers. His review, and many others in that book, helped me understand things on the screen to which I otherwise never would have paid attention. Thank you for that, Mr. Ebert, and thank you for responding to my note.

roger ebert's favorite movies

(Ebert note previously published in 2010.)