What does Wesley Snipes’s halfway house look like?

On Friday TMZ learned that ’90s action hero Wesley Trent Snipes, a.k.a. inmate #43355-018, was released from Pennsylvania’s medium-security McKean Federal Correctional Institution on April 2. The “New Jack City” and “White Men Can’t Jump” star, sentenced to three years in December 2010 for tax evasion, is now in federal custody of the New York Community Corrections Office. He will serve the remaining three months of his sentence at an undisclosed home confinement residence in the New York area. (His sentence was truncated a few months presumably on account of good behavior.)

So where, exactly, will Snipes be spending his summer? According to the community corrections office, there are three detention houses for pre-release inmates — one in Brooklyn, one in New Jersey and one in The Bronx. (He also could be at his home residence in New Jersey, but the office wouldn’t confirm.) The population varies at each facility, but inmates are given pass privileges. The CCO wouldn’t offer any more information on the building accoutrements, but you can bet TMZ photographers will spend a wealth of time at those undisclosed addresses just waiting for Snipes to take his ankle bracelet out for a tuna melt in the surrounding area.

Whatever these spots look like, do you think it’s overall a more cush situation than his previous digs? Hard to say. Radar Online published the below photo of a typical 70-square-foot, dorm room-like prison cell at McKean, nicknamed “Club Fed” and “McKean the Dream” for its white collar criminal population and “heart healthy” meals in the communal dining area.


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