What we learned from Reggie Watts’ Reddit AMA

The inimitable Reggie Watts did a Reddit AMA today and generously shelled out for fans curious about everything from his favorite books and records to how they can hone their own chops. He also has has advice for those of you thinking of trying to see him at Bonnaroo: just wait and catch him someplace “cool and comfortable.”

Check out some highlights below and read the rest of the thread here.

  • Reggie is working on an album of straight-up music (i.e. not the improvised stuff he’s famous for).
    RW: Yes, the plan is to do some straight-up music stuff this year and release it this year. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to check out my new stuff.
  • Reggie’s hair is made out of hologram.
    Redditor: Can you mail me some of your hair?
    RW: I would, but it’s holographic, so there’s nothing to send.
  • He has no idea where his spontaneous lyrics come from:
    Redditor: Where did you get the inspiration for some of the weirder lines in your songs? Fuck shit stack in particular, your lyrics are just whack sometimes.
    RW: Yeah, I have no idea really. They just happen in the moment, whatever the dumbest shit is, that’s what happens. For the inspiration for my latest video “If you’re Fucking, You’re Fucking” – the inspiration was just how dumb it is. The idea of how dumb it is to have a song that addresses a question that no one would ever ask…
  • Reggie’s favorite books:
    RW: The Dancing Wu-Li Masters; The Alchemist; The Tao of Physics; and Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution.
  • Reggie’s favorite records:
    RW: My favorite record would have to be the Go-Between’s “16 Lovers Lane” or “The Glove” or Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration” and anything by Boards of Canada plus the Memory House EP.
  • Reggie’s advice on getting better at improv:
    RW: Just don’t be afraid to do really dumb shit.
  • Reggie is planning a future collaboration with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem:
    Redditor: Any plans to continue collaborating with James Murphy of LCD? It was a treat to see you in “Shut Up and Play the Hits.”
    RW: Yea, James and I have talked about doing something together but he’s such a busy guy it will happen when it happens naturally.
  • A long time ago, a skinnier, goateed and smaller-afro’d Reggie Watts was on “Bill Nye the Science Guy” singing a song about caves. It looked like this: