The case for labeling Wayne LaPierre a terrorist

As gun control legislation comes to the floor of Congress this week, it’s time that we call out NRA president Wayne LaPierre for what he really is.

The man has an incredible amount of influence on politics because he is the head of the powerful gun lobbying firm, the National Rifle Association. However, Wayne is not just the president of the NRA. He is a terrorist in the truest sense of the word—even more so than Osama bin Laden. He is a supporter of the genocide of American people. Hard numbers attest to this fact.

A few weeks back, Yoko Ono posted on her Twitter feed a photo of John Lennon’s bloodied glasses along with a reminder that more than a million Americans have been killed by gun violence since Lennon’s murder. In just the four months since Newtown, more Americans have been killed by guns than were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Meanwhile, LaPierre has spearheaded the fight to oppose any kind of gun control legislation—even background checks that would prevent the mentally ill from buying guns. Instead he’s been calling for more guns—guns in schools, when fresh data proves that states with more restrictive gun laws see less gun violence, even when you control for other variables.

Of course he would do that. For LaPierre, it’s not about gun rights at all. It’s about money.

If every school teacher in America starts carrying a gun, the gun companies’ profits will soar. Before 2011 Walmart sold only a very few guns in rural areas. In 2011 they began carrying 400 models, and quickly became the number-one gun seller in America. It’s the same with schools—every new distribution channel equals more guns, more profits. And with nearly 150,000 schools in the country, it could be a huge growth opportunity for the gun industry.

Meanwhile, first graders in Newtown were literally dismembered by the bullets that hit them from a high capacity assault rifle. By a rifle that would have been banned had it not been for LaPierre’s lobbying.

What’s more, when a gun company actually wants to cooperate with gun safety initiatives, the NRA bullies them out of it. In 2000 Smith & Wesson wanted to limit their ammunition magazine size per the Clinton administration’s request, and the NRA organized a boycott against the company. Wonder why? It might have something to do with the fact that the gun industry makes about as much from ammunition sales as it does from actual gun sales—$2.5 billion in 2012. The NRA, which exists to maximize the profits of the gun industry overall, does not want to limit ammunition sales.

No one knows exactly how much money the gun industry gives the NRA, but it’s clear that when the gun industry wins, the NRA wins. Washington Post reports that in 2010 the NRA spent $243,534,275. The fruits of that labor year after year have been a roll-back on gun control laws, the expiration of the assault weapons ban, and a doubling of the number of guns sold annually over the last decade.

Those guns have slaughtered Americans en masse, more effectively than any foreign terrorist who has ever tried to attack us. And for what? For money. Calling it treason is no exaggeration.

It’s time Mr. LaPierre is held responsible for the slaughter that occurs every day in America, and likewise each member of Congress who votes against this gun control legislation.