Zooey Deschanel announces ‘I Could Have Been Your Girl’ in new She & Him song

“I Could Have Been Your Girl” is great because it sounds like the kind of thing you’d play over a montage of a particularly brilliant first date in the summer in the grass or eating ice cream or something. It sounds like all those things. It also sounds like (this is what I have written down on the paper next to me): a hug, sunshine, Zooey Deschanel being a dreamboat, and baby lambs.

But really – this is an impressive return to form for She & Him after the underwhelming second album “Volume 2″. Whereas that record felt forced, this new single comes across as breezy and as light as a fun summer night that they are clearly trying to bottle here. And bottle it, they have. Zooey tries out a slightly lower vocal range here and it works well – grounding the free-spirited song just enough as to where it doesn’t fly off away into the clouds. M Ward holds down a great guitar track, and the whole thing sounds, well, incredibly fresh.