Teen eats nothing but instant ramen for 13 years; has ‘health of 80-year-old’

Georgi Readman – well, there’s her problem right there, she can’t even spell her own name right – has been living off of packaged noodles for the past 13 years. She is 18 years old. That means she has been living off of those things since age five.

While many young children develop picky eating habits, most have good enough parents to say “no” to constant demands of junk food. Readman cannot apparently stand the “texture” of fruits and vegetables and has not touched them since she was five. She is feeling the repercussions socially, too, and has a hard time eating at friend’s houses or out at restaurants. She also most likely suffers from crippling depression because she is not getting any vitamins or minerals oh my god she has been eating nothing but instant ramen for 13 years that is insane.

Doctors who have treated her have said that she is “malnourished” and “has the health of an 80-year-old.” Another doctor, who has not personally treated Readman, suggested that this steady diet of instant ramen noodles (which contain nearly double the recommended daily amount of sodium in one serving) may have caused irreperable damage not only to Georgi’s vital organs such as kidney, heart and liver, but also to her brain —¬†lowering her IQ. This type of diet during puberty may have affected her for life. Georgi’s parents should be ashamed.

So next time you’re thinking about saying “whatever!” and cracking open a packet of packaged noodles, think again, and just don’t eat it. And then repeat that process for 13 years so we don’t have to write a story about you.