Random Acts of Pizza: Redditors sending pizza to marathon victims

This is so great! There’s a group on Reddit called Random Acts of Pizza¬†that allows people who are feeling generous to send someone they don’t know a pizza. Which is glorious in and of itself. What they’ve been doing last night and today, however, is even better.

The subreddit has been sending pizza to Boston Area hospitals, shelters, police departments and fire departments, as well as other places where displaced marathon runners are staying. The local pizza joint that the Redditors have been sending orders to, Anytime Pizza, has also offered to match any pizza donation sent! Yay people!

I’ll be sending one later as soon as the place opens! If you’d like to donate a pizza to a marathoner in need, just go here. If you know of any other cool things people are doing to help out, let us know in the comments!