Drake covers Destiny’s Child in new song ‘Girls Love Beyonce’

Drake’s sing-talking Livejournal flow is the aural equivalent of downing half a bottle of NyQuil and then slipping into a sauna, so it’s no surprise that “Girls Love Beyonce” comes across as a slowed-down crazy person at a bus stop, constantly stopping himself mid-phrase to beat himself up or seemingly congratulate himself from moving on from the tried-and-true hip hop trope of… cash and hos. Could it be any more emo if it tried? Did he record this inside a Snuggie™? I can see him in the recording booth in a big blue Snuggie™ with a mug of Sprite in his hand, and everyone in the mixing booth is watching him and they too are all wrapped in blankets and also they are all corgis because my god this song is so emo.

But that’s a good thing. Drake is unique, and there are few people like that in this world. Actually, I take that back, there are a lot of them, but they don’t often speak up in the hip-hop community. You should be very glad that Drake is around to whine like this because if you stick around long enough Grandpa Music Blogger over here will tell you about a time when Eminem was still relevant and we all had to sit through rape lyrics. Uphill. Both ways. In the snow.

Anyway here’s Drake.