40-year-old lady who stalked Billy Joel’s daughter found naked in woods

What is this even?

Ok, so this super creepy 40-year-old woman was sending Billy Joel’s daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, super creepy messages over Facebook. Like, really horrifying messages involving “pedophilia, sadistic-sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder.” She did this all under the fake name of “Rick Steenfield” It got so bad that Joel had to hire a bodyguard for his daughter, and also consult Paul McCartney for advice on hiring a private eye.

The clearly insane lady, Sheryl Finley, was then found, by police, in the woods, naked. Upon being caught, she informed police that she had no intent to do any of those things or harm Alexa “in this life.” So, like, she planned on being reincarnated and then going on a violent crime spree?

I realize the lady is totally batshit, but really? What compels someone to just wake up one morning and go “I know! Billy Joel’s daughter! I will create a fake Facebook page with which to stalk her and send her terrifying messages!”? How do you latch on to that one? How do things have to line up in your life for that to be the well that you go to? Where you end up stalking Billy Joel’s daughter and being caught by police while you are naked in the woods. Why was she naked in the woods in the first place?

It is probably best to not think too deeply on this one.