Rick Ross finally made a rap song about Panera Bread

Why aren’t there more songs about Panera Bread – the popular bakery/hangout/McDonalds-for-bread? That shit is delicious. They have bagels with cinnamon on them. Come to think of it, maybe I’ll quit my job here and go work for them. I’d do it all for the bagels, man. All of them.

Rick Ross has deemed it necessary to make an entire song about Panera Bread (one could imagine this mostly due to the whole “stacks of bread” analogy, because “bread” means money, and uh, that’s as far as I’m going with the White Guy Explains Rap Music 101 Class today). The result is genuinely hilarious because it’s an entire song by a major artist about a place that sells bagels.

Is the song good? It actually is – Lunice does a fine production job. Maybe there’ll be an entire album about fast food in the works?