Oklahoma congressman: Customers ‘might try to Jew me down’ on a price

Dennis Johnson is the House Majority Leader of Oklahoma’s House of Representatives as well as the owner and operator of A-1 Appliances in the bedroom communities of Duncan and Lawton. During a speech on the state house floor on Wednesday, the good ol’ boy shared his beliefs on why lawmakers should pass Senate Bill 550, a measure that would repeal the 70-year ban on “loss-leader” selling and allow for merchants to aggressively push merchandise on Black Friday or for back-to-school weekends — even if those customers are of the Chosen ilk.

“There’s such a thing called niche marketing,” Johnson told his colleagues in the video below. “What you do is, you find out what you do better than somebody else, and that’s what you do as a small business. Then you get the reward of success … People come back to you. They like what you do, they like the service they get — they might try to jew me down on a price, that’s fine. That’s free market as well … They come to me because they know what we offer, and they trust my advice.”

A colleague off-camera then nudged Johnson about his anti-Semitic comment — ostensibly reminding him that he’s not at home. “I apologize to the Jews,” Johnson sarcastically apologized. “They’re good small businessmen as well.”

Senate Bill 550 passed on Wednesday with an overwhelming vote of 55 to 30. Johnson’s spokesperson told Tulsa World that the congressman “is not the first person to make a comment they regret. The chamber accepted his apology and has moved on.”

It is worth mentioning that no Jews currently serve in either house of the Oklahoma state legislature.

h/t Gawker