Czech Republic to Americans: We are not Chechnya

Of the 54-some-odd million YouTube views that have made up Miss South Carolina Teen USA’s infamous 2007 gaffe, one of those might have been from Czech ambassador to the U.S., Petr Gandalovic. After the capture of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev, Gandalovic issued a statement on behalf of the Czech Republic. In short, he wanted to make sure that the less geographically-savvy Americans knew Chechnya and the Czech Republic are not the same country — as if they’d listen to a statement from any ambassador in the first place.

Gandalovic’s statement from Friday, posted to the Czech Republic Embassy’s website:

As more information on the origin of the alleged perpetrators is coming to light, I am concerned to note in the social media a most unfortunate misunderstanding in this respect. The Czech Republic and Chechnya are two very different entities – the Czech Republic is a Central European country; Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation.

As the President of the Czech Republic MiloŇ° Zeman noted in his message to President Obama, the Czech Republic is an active and reliable partner of the United States in the fight against terrorism. We are determined to stand side by side with our allies in this respect, there is no doubt about that.

I can’t stop thinking about the time Ali G. interviewed George H.W. Bush’s Chief of Staff on the difference between Iran and Iraq. Yes, worth watching. Again.

h/t Politico