Doctors have to tell teens to not eat spoonfuls of cinnamon, because Darwin

Kids today! Always eating live goldfish and piling into telephone booths with their pet rocks and beanie babies, amirite? Well, apparently the hot trend for the teen set for the last year or so has been filming themselves attempting to eat spoonfuls of cinnamon to┬ádisastrous effect. You know, because you’re actually not supposed to eat spoonfuls of cinnamon. So say doctors! And also common sense. If it were good for you, it would likely not make you choke when you ate it.

See, you’re not supposed to eat cinnamon straight up because it is a freaking caustic substance made from tree bark, and it contains cellulose fibers. Despite the fact that this is something people should already know, there have been over 270 calls to poison control centers in the last two years as a result of kids taking the Cinnamon Challenge.

Not only that, but teens who have taken the challenge have ended up in the hospital, have ended up with asthma, and have ended up with collapsed lungs. So now, doctors have to come out and tell stupid people not to do a stupid thing!

Stay safe kids! Because you don’t want to have a funeral where everyone is like “She was such a sweet girl. TOO BAD SHE DIED because she wanted to swallow a caustic substance for the delight of internet people!” because that would be awkward for everyone.