Watch this insane documentary on people who think they’re animals

Last night, the Logo Channel answered all of my prayers and dreams. They aired a one-hour documentary on people who think that they are animals trapped inside human bodies, called “WHAT?! I Think I’m an Animal.”

I can die now.

I have seriously been wishing and hoping and thinking and praying for an Otherkin documentary for like, 10 years now. Like, ever since the days when I had a LiveJournal myself and first discovered them on there. They say the absolute best things on all the Internet, like so:

From Live Journal:

“I am what I have come to call a “sea cat” I am a large white cat the size of a Sabertooth, build of a tiger and the attitude of a lioness. I have green striping on my lower legs and tail. I also have a feathered “ruff” from the back of my ears to my shoulders of my forelegs that cover gills used while in water.”

To be specific, the people featured on this show were “therians”- the ones who think they’re animals. Otherkin are the ones who think they’re like, elves and dragons and shit. The main guy was an 18-year-old kid from Buffalo who was a wolf and wanted to change his name legally from Matthew to “Shiro Themian” so he could “officially” be a wolf. I don’t know how that works, since the only wolf name I even know is “White Fang.”

One of the best scenes in the doc is where Shiro goes to the pet store to buy collars- you know, because wolves so often have collars

Shiro has some friends. A lady wolf, and the other three who are a tiger, a leopard and a raccoon. And the leopard and raccoon and tiger are in love even though they are a leopard and a raccoon and a wolf. They are all polyamorous because they have so many romantic options between them.

The leopard is the best, mostly because he wears a shirt that says “I am a leopard” and talks about how he is totally an African Leopard despite the fact that he is clearly an Asian teenage boy. He feels “awkward” when he goes to the zoo to look at antelopes because he used to ferociously hunt them.

THEN, there are these two other wolf people in England, who are married to each other. The guy wolf feels most free when he is dressed like Wolverine, and is a regular wolf with blue eyes. The lady wolf is a wolf with amber-y eyes and also horns. You know, because wolves have horns sometimes.

The best part of the lady wolf’s interview is where she talks as her wolf persona. Her wolf persona is surprisingly casual and non-feral sounding for a wolf, and also has a British accent. The wolf is not entirely sure when their souls became fused, but knows that they have lived many lives together.

I’m not going to lie. I am hoping so hard that Logo will make this a regular series. I would especially like to hear more from the “sea cat” lady, as well as from the people who think they’re elves and dragons and can remember their elf and dragon languages. I’m also just going to throw it out there that it should totally be hosted by my dear friend, RuPaul’s Drag Race Alumnus Pandora Boxx, because that would just be amazing.

If you are so inclined (you totally know you are) you can watch the whole thing  right now. You are WELCOME.