7 reasons why Bob Seger is still the greatest

1. Night Moves

“Night Moves” has been described as the greatest song ever written, mostly described that way by people who have had four shots of cheap whiskey, but who’s really counting?

“Night Moves” could have its very own top 10 list based on how great a song it is.

Some, like comedian Kyle Kinane, even think that it should replace the national anthem.

2. Dude was in The OC

Well, kinda.

See, Seger was the preferred artiste-du-jour for the show’s stock jock character Luke. In one particular season 1 episode, he drives drunk, listening to Bob Seger, and has an accident. If he hadn’t been listening to Seger, the entire show from that point forward might not have happened.

3. He looks like everyone’s Dad yet still rocks out

Look at this dude rocking out like it ain’t no thang:
7 reasons why Bob Seger is still the greatest

7 reasons why Bob Seger is still the greatest

7 reasons why Bob Seger is still the greatest

Fuck weight loss infomercials for men. They should just show pictures Bob Seger.

4. What’s that? Bob Seger does an iconic Chevy commercial for like 10 years? Done.

“Like A Rock” is such a gnar song that even motherfucking TRUCKS LIKE THE SONG.

5. Seger put out some really gnarly songs in the 60s

Before Seger became the ultimate Michigan gritty crooner, he was a struggling yet soulful singer in Ann Arbor, MI. Check out this song with him performing vocals on this Doug Brown & The Omens song.

Now, check this out:

Yep, that’s Seger on vocals on this old Beach Bums single from the mid 60s. Now – beating up on hippies isn’t exactly our bag, but this song is just ridiculous enough to be catchy. And if you’re going to hold opposing viewpoints on politics, the best thing you can do is to at least make it catchy. (“No more taxes!” see?)

Of course, in 2013 this sounds like it would be a parody song. But it ain’t. Seger made his mark with a band called The Omens before recording this song. Threatened by the record company, they changed their name to the Beach Bums for just this one single. Apparently.

6. That magnificent hair

7 reasons why Bob Seger is still the greatest

7. He’s 67 and still touring

Eat a dick, Madonna.