7 photos of a car set on fire by a Florida woman claiming to be god

A 29-year-old woman in Daytona Beach, Florida, wrestled with gas station attendants as she lit her car on fire at the pump. Multiple eyewitness reported the inferno, caused by Alexandra Barnes, who rushed into the BP Gas Station shop on Wednesday and grabbed a cigarette lighter from behind the counter. Surveillance footage shows her fighting off BP employees who successfully retrieved the lighter.

“I could smell gas on my hand from wrestling with her,” recalled one employee, who noticed fuel spread along the back of her automobile. That’s when Barnes grabbed a second lighter from her glove compartment and made the car and gas pump hose go ablaze. “It was just lit up into flames, like 15 different barbeques going on, huge into the sky,” said one witness.





After setting the car ablaze, Barnes screamed that her “babies” were in there. “It was actually dogs,” said the business owner next door, who rescued the pups from the flames. “[I] grabbed the dogs out the car and ran back to the street, got her because she was sitting in incoming traffic,” where she meanwhile attempted suicide.

Barnes later explained to authorities she was the creator of the universe. “She said something about she was ‘God,'” said one Daytona Police Department officer, who had to remove the suspect from the middle of the highway, where she waited for a car to hit her. No major damages were caused to the station, as the fire department successfully extinguished the flames. Barnes was taken to the Halifax Health Medical Center, where she is under mental evaluation.



h/t WFTV Channel 9