These Burning Man dance suits are the only way to dance


I look like a cripple on the dance floor, which is a space on which I haven’t bothered to set foot in nearly a decade, but leave it to Burning Man to inspire the middle-aged into revisiting drugs and disco. Hell, if I owned one of these sweet electroluminescent suits of psychedelic anonymity (accompanied by the necessary provisions, of course), I’d hit the club with you crazy kids on weeknights.

Dressed as Jake and Elwood Blues (below), the redditors under the account eco_was_taken claimed they were part of the desert dance circle. “We tried sewing it on, but it was way too time consuming,” writes eco, explaining their spectacular craft. “You can buy the EL wire on eBay for fairly cheap … Bought some cheaps suits at the second hand store and glued the EL wire on with Amazing Goop, I think it was called. We picked it up at Home Depot. Any strong, flexible adhesive would work.”


h/t reddit