Virgin Airlines takes sexual harassment to the skies with in-flight ‘flirting’ app

Have you ever wanted to buy a drink for the cutie on the plane? No? Well, that’s because you’re most likely a decent individual who doesn’t think that it’s the right thing to do to attempt to procreate with a stranger on a metal tube defying the law of gravity 30,000 feet in the air.

Richard Branson – a billionaire playboy to the point of straight caricature – thinks that that ought to change.

He’s managed to devise some sort of in-flight flirting app that allows the user to flirt with passengers on the same plane. You can, say, buy them a drink. Or send them food. Or just annoy the living shit out of them if you so desired. Why anyone would want to do this to another human being in a GOD-DEFYING METAL DEATH TUBE WITH NO EXITS is beyond me, but there you go, he’s a billionaire and you’re not, you don’t make the decisions around here.

h/t: The Week