Nestle CEO: ‘Access to water should not be a public right’

I’ve been boycotting Nestle for basically all of the years– primarily due to the fact that they insist upon aggressively promoting using milk formula instead of breastfeeding in countries where an infant will die or get horribly sick if he or she ingests the water. The official boycott has been going on since 1977, so you can tell they really do not give one shit about those babies.

OH. And not to mention the fact that (although they say they are “taking steps” to change this) they get their cocoa beans from Ivory Coast farms that use child slave labor.

Long story short, Nestle is a super, super evil company. Like, really fucking evil.

Now, the CEO Peter Brabeck is defending his right to take all of the free fresh water and sell it back to you for a profit. He thinks that “all foodstuffs” should have a price. He’s also, unsurprisingly, really in favor of genetically modified foods.

He considers the idea that every human should have the right to free water– which we all need to live on– to be an “extreme” opinion. He has casually stated this position in an interview for the documentary “We Feed The World.”

Clip below: