Bloomberg shows he’s not afraid of terrorists with this pic of him looking sooo relaxed

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 8.44.05 AM
There’s ol’ Mike “Shifty Eyes” Bloomberg, relaxed, not a care in the world.

Mayor Bloomberg’s office rallied New York City on Friday morning with a defiant tweet to show how totally unafraid of terrorists he is after Thursday’s announcement that the Tsarnaev brothers intended to set off bombs in Times Square. (Their car ran out of gas instead, and they never made it to New York.)

Tweeting a pic of him looking tooootally relaxed and at ease, not a care in the world, the Mayor’s Office said:

In case you didn’t notice, the mayor is flanked by three secret service-type security agents. And he’s coming from what is clearly an armored SUV. And he’s making damn sure his route to breakfast passes right in front of a police station. And he still looks scared shitless.

Bloomberg has arguably been a great mayor for New York, but rallying the people with his common touch has never been his strong suit.

h/t: NY Mag