A 17-minute supercut of every single punch thrown in the ‘Rocky’ franchise

Given the heinous news on Sunday about a “Rocky” musical that’s headed to Broadway, it’s auspicious that this lengthy YouTube clip of every punch thrown from all six of the “Rocky” installments has surfaced. The clip was uploaded back in September — with not even 1,000 views as of this writing — and what better a time for such a supercut to come to light and remind us of the grit that was Rocky Balboa. It might just take all 17 tedious minutes of jabs and hooks to get it through our heads (and possibly Broadway’s?) that this is a franchise, despite its cheesy sequels (cheesequels?), that does not belong to the stage but the hopefuls of Blue Collar America. Let’s aim to keep it that way.

Even the “Rocky XXX” porn parody from 2011 captures the spirit, more than likely because of its poor production quality and not so much because Ron Jeremy plays a perfect Uncle Paulie. But the point is, we all got gaps. Together, we fill ‘em. Just no Broadway adaptation, please.

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h/t Doobybrain