Man loses entire life savings on carnival game

Henry Gribbohm went to a carnival in Manchester, New Hampshire over the weekend and spent his entire life savings trying to win his kids a prize.

No, that is not the premise for an unearthed J.D. Salinger novel. It is an actual occurrence that occurred recently, according to multiple news sources. Mister Gribbohn was trying to win his kids an Xbox Kinect by winning at a $5 carnival game where you toss balls into a tub. He kept missing, and soon had spent $300. He then apparently went home and got $2,300 more. He then apparently lost all that money, too.

Seemingly blind with rage due to his poor luck and bad decision making skills, Gribbohm returned the next day to confront the owners of the stall, who are themselves freelance vendors of a larger traveling carnival company called Fiesta Shows. They gave him a giant stuffed banana with a rasta hat and $600 of his money back. Which seems fair. That is him above.

Gribbohm, somehow now blindingly self aware of his plight as the human incarnation of an unwritten country song, went to CBS and gave this poignant quote, somehow summing up his newly acquired folk-story status:

“For once in my life I happened to become that sucker,” said Gribbohm. “It was foolish for putting up my life savings.”

“Oh, that fairground? They say a man lost his entire life savings there. Tried to win his kids a vidya-game back in twenty-thirteen. They say if you walk these streets alone at night you can sometimes see the ghost of his giant rasta banana in the pale moonlight…”