World’s first website is now live again; surprise, it looks like crap

In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee and a team at CERN created the World Wide Web and uploaded its very first web page. Appropriately the page was called simply, World Wide Web.

After lying dormant for many years, CERN has decided to re-activate the original website at its original URL. On a post about the project, CERN writes, “This is a 1992 copy of the first website. This may be the earliest copy that we can find, but we’re going to keep looking for earlier ones.”

So what did the World Wide Web look like in 1992? It basically looked like Craigslist does today:

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.09.05 AM

Fun fact: it also has Tim Berners-Lee’s personal email address, [email protected], which may or may not still work—you can give it a try if you have questions for him.

Another fun fact: In then-Intel CEO’s Andy Grove’s 1996 book “Only The Paranoid Survive,” Andy was still on the fence about whether the World Wide Web would prove to be a game changer. Sure, it was a fun novelty, but would anyone ever shop over the Web? Do their banking over the Web? Grove thought not. Less than a decade later, a new world order had arrived and Grove’s skepticism looked ridiculous. It’s got to be – and most likely is – one of the fastest revolutions in human interaction to ever hit the species.

Take a minute to play around at the very first website, where it all started, here.

h/t: Reddit