This folk rock, academic tribute to Lil B is totally #based

Mike Wojciechowski is a folksy singer from Austin who goes by Thick Red Wine. He’s got an album coming out. He also seriously loves Lil B. He loves Lil B so much that he’s written a six-minute tribute song that takes an intellectual slant on appreciating the rapper and his philosophy, made a video for it and written a 3,100-word blog post about Lil B. He emailed us about it.

Sure, you could dismiss this as pretentious posturing—some hipster doing something “ironic” in the hopes of drawing attention to his new album. But you’d be missing the point by a mile. You’d be missing the whole point of #based.

The Village Voice ran a complete guide to Lil B recently and described the #based philosophy like this: “It’s widely agreed-upon that being Based is vaguely similar to many Eastern philosophies in that, to be truly Based, one must be open, positive, totally present in the moment, accepting of others, and show general sense of being in favor of social justice.” Wojciechowski sings of Lil B, “His gift was letting words, unfiltered, flow from his subconscious. 
He called this being BASED.”

Wojciechowski’s video is refreshing specifically because he’s not being ironic. He’s post-irony. He’s allowing himself the space to be whatever he likes, which is a folk singer from Austin who loves the rapper Lil B. To put it out there unabashed and unembarrassed would make the Based God proud. Watch below and learn all you might want to know about Lil B.