Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ video for ‘Mosquito’ will keep you up for the next week

The video for the title track from Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ fourth album is not for the faint of heart. Getting inspiration from the name of the track, “Mosquito” features a psychedelic mosquito sucking blood from unsuspecting victims. The mosquito gets fatter and fatter as it sucks blood from its victims until it ultimately starts to change colors. Oh, and for some reason there is a creepy kid on what looks like a Skype chat screen in the bottom right corner watching the entire thing. It’s creepy—I’ll be checking under my pillows next time I go to sleep.

A change of pace from the video for “Sacrilege,” this video fits perfectly for the type of song that is “Mosquito.” Check out the clip below. “Mosquito” is out now.