Sex, alcohol make you happier than kids, religion

Today in “Obviously” news, a study has found that sex and alcohol bring you more pleasure than kids or religion.

Carsten Grimm from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand ranked behavior from three different areas: pleasure, meaning, and engagement. He compiled the list from cell phone data in which he asked the people undertaking the study to rank what they did that day. Facebook and doing housework ranked about the same on the bottom of the scale.

While religion is supposed to be fulfilling, it is apparently not as fulfilling in the areas of pleasure, meaning, and engagement as good old fashioned sex and booze. Good news, everyone!

Top-ranked activities according to the survey

1. Sex
2. Drinking alcohol
3. Volunteering
4. Meditating/religion
5. Caring for children
6. Listening to music
7. Socializing
8. Hobbies
9. Shopping
10. Gaming

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