Hey tween! Snapchat doesn’t delete your pics!

Hey tween who-is-probably-using-Snapchat-to-send-naked-pictures-of-yourself-to-other-tweens-(or older dudes!)!

Turns out Snapchat doesn’t delete your pics after you take them after all. A company called Decipher Forensics – which specializes in recovering lost or damaged or stolen files – has figured out that the program actually stores them to a hidden folder (still on the phone) called RECEIVED_IMAGES_SNAPS and uses a file extension called “.NOMEDIA” so that the user can’t see them anymore. But Decipher’s software can retrieve those Snapchat pics no problem—they’re currently charging $300 to $500 to do so.

So, think twice next time you’re sending Snapchat n00dz to your significant other, or English teacher, or person-who-you-owe-money-to, because Snapchat still has those pictures tucked away.

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