Lion tacos are a real thing you can eat … in Florida

In Tampa Bay, where sanity flows like a great expansive river, you can eat the meat of a lion in a $35 taco.

The lion, of course, is a species rapidly becoming extinct. The U.S. government classifies them, however, under “threatened” species and not “endangered.” So a restaurant named Taco Fusion in Tampa Bay, Florida is deciding to sell a lion taco (at the already criminal price of $35 for a single taco, mind you). These particular lions, seeing as they are not endangered, are bred in America specifically for their meat.

Several employees of the Taco Fusion restaurant have reportedly received multiple death threats and “hundreds” of angry phone calls regarding the matter. The manager, Ryan Gougeon, is quoted as saying:

“The fact that they’re trying to bully us now just eggs us on to keep carrying it,” Gougeon said. “They want to restrict our freedom of choice. It’s still 100 percent legal. So maybe we keep serving it.”

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something, Ryan.

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