Man with world’s largest penis makes terrible rap song about his giant penis

Jonah Falcon looks like Eugene Mirman yet ┬áhas the penis of a small donkey. A World Record holder at 13.5 inches, some may describe Jonah Falcon’s penis as a veritable shoe-in for starring in pornography (other may describe the mammoth member as “prodigious” and “unnerving”), yet Jonah himself refuses to do anything in the pornographical realm with it. Instead, Jonah wants to be a serious actor, as he told The Daily Show last year.

Which makes you wonder why he won’t do pornography but he will make a terrible music video about his penis.

Not to argue the dignity of pornography (good for what ails ya!), but he’d be taken a lot more seriously in porn than he would doing atrocious not-even-so-bad-its-good-but-actually-so-bad-its-bad rap videos like this. Jonah. Really. I’m glad you have a sense of humor about your widescreen wang but this? This makes you look foolish. C’mon, man.