Disney gives its ‘Brave’ Princess a sexified make-over

Earlier this week, Disney welcomed Merida, the spunky heroine of the film “Brave” into their court of Royal Disney Princesses.



However, Merida’s frizzy hair and lack of regal cleavage were just not up to par with the traditional hotness standards for Disney Princesses. She didn’t quite fit into the Magic Kingdom scene. So Cinderella, Snow White and Mulan invited her over for a sleepover and gave her a fancy new “Tai from Clueless” style makeover so that they could be seen with her in public. One imagines. Now she looks like this:



And moms are not happy. So unhappy, in fact, that they’ve taken to Change.Org to file a petition to return Merida to her normal, pre-keratin treatment and boob job self. Good for them.

I must admit I haven’t seen the movie. I haven’t actually seen any Disney cartoon since Pocahontas. Which is for the best, probs, because I think I drove everyone up the wall for a year afterwards with my fervent complaints about historical inaccuracies. I’m sure this is a lot better, but I can’t watch it on account of the fact that those computer-y cartoons give me migraines.

I’ve always been weirded out by the whole wanting to be a princess thing. But I can imagine why parents were pretty happy to finally have a girl hero who saved the day by doing something other than being pretty and finding a boyfriend. We’ve come a long way, baby, from The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty– where we all learned the important lesson that the way to find the man of your dreams was to either not talk or be unconscious. It sucks that Disney would backtrack like this… but then again, it’s Disney. So I’m not that surprised.

It would be cool if they restored her to her normal self, but I doubt that they will. They’ve got teacup rides to sell here.