Ballsy photo taken of 1 World Trade Center with newly installed spire

On Friday morning, subsections of the 408-foot tall spire were placed atop Manhattan’s 1 World Trade Center (né The Freedom Tower), and, as a result, the Internet is riddled with more NYC architectural porn. But one ornamental iron worker who was harnessed onto the side of a neighboring tower under construction, 4 World Trade Center, took the below snapshot that made redditors shake at their desks. “I don’t get vertigo,” the 4 WTC worker told Gothamist. “I’m abnormally comfortable with heights. I’m always in a harness though, so that’s kind of cheating.”

1 WTC now stands at 1,776 feet, according to press releases, although one Esquire writer, who spent the last eight years writing several features on the tower’s construction, has reason to believe otherwise. Still, one hell of a photo taken by that redditor. Jesus Christ.


h/t Gothamist and ThinkProgress