Texas mom tries to treat son’s gunshot wound with WebMD

A mother in Texas may be facing charges for trying to use WebMD to treat her son after her friend, Pete Jesse Rodriguez, shot the kid in the leg. You know, instead of taking him to the hospital.


Now, why her friend shot the kid is kind of a mystery right now. Surveillance video from inside the home shows the 24-year-old Rodriguez (pictured above) “tracking” the 14 year old boys movements with the gun before eventually shooting him in the thigh.

Anyway, the kid lies on the floor bleeding for a while before getting up to help his mom search the WebMD to figure out how to deal with this. They then spend 7 hours doing this before the mother finally takes the kid to the emergency room, where he is currently recovering.

Now, WebMD is good for many things. For instance, if you don’t have enough to panic about and you’d like to be convinced that you are definitely dying of some horrible disease, there’s no better website to go to. I once spent a night hysterically crying because WebMD had convinced me that I had lupus. WebMD will not, however, help you out with a gun shot wound.

No details have been released yet about why the mother spent a full 7 hours not taking her son to the hospital. When I first started writing this all of ten minutes ago, I assumed it was because she was trying to protect her friend who shot him. It may be, though, that she could have been afraid of how expensive a visit to the hospital can be for those who are uninsured (people lose their houses over that shit), in which case this would all break my heart and I would feel like a jerk.