Science proves ladies find dudes sexier with guitars

There comes a time in every young man’s life where he has to look himself in the mirror and ask the tough questions: Will ladies find me sexier as a rocker, jock, or just a nice, wholesome but otherwise nondescript guy?

Thanks to two independent studies published in academic journals “Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science” and “Psychology of Music,” science is now helping us answer this profound mystery of existence, old as time immemorial.

The answer? According to the studies, ladies find dudes with guitars sexier than jocks or plain-old normals.

In the first study, French researchers from Université de Bretagne-Sud asked a “good-looking male volunteer” to approach 300 women on the street and ask them for their numbers. 100 of them he approached while carrying a guitar, 100 while carrying a gym bag, and 100 carrying nothing. The results? He got phone numbers 31% of the time while carrying a guitar compared to just 9% while carrying nothing. The gym bag had a 14% success rate.

In a second study researchers from Ruppin Academic Center in Israel created a Facebook profile for a “good looking” male volunteer and sent out friend requests to 100 women who listed themselves as single—50 with the guitar and 50 without. The results: 14 out of 50 with the guitar, 5 out of 50 without.

In both studies the statistics were the same: dudes with guitars were about 3 times more likely to get a good response on a cold approach than without a guitar.

Of course, one of the things about science is that it tends to leave some pretty important qualitative distinctions. All dudes with guitars are not created equal—are we talking the Keith Richards type or the John Mayer type, here? Also what happens if said lady gets to your show and sees you standing next to your lead singer? Are you still the sexier one then? What say you, science?