There’s some dude trying to sell the ‘recipe’ for Coca-Cola on eBay for $5 million

So, this guy in Georgia bought a bunch of crap at an estate sale, and thinks he’s found the super secret recipe for Coca-Cola. Which he is of course selling on eBay. The bidding starts at $5 million dollars, but you can use the “Buy it Now” option and get it for $15M right now, if you are so inclined. No bids so far.

This is pretty unlikely, given how guarded the secret is. In fact, there are supposedly only two people in the world who know it, and they can never fly on the same plane, because if it crashed no one would ever be able to make Coke again. And, um, although I’ve read that a bunch of times, it now seems really weird to me because wouldn’t the people who actually make it know what the recipe is? Whatever.

The Coca-Cola people are pretty sure that it’s not the recipe also, and have issued a statement saying that this is definitely just some random pharmacist’s cola recipe, and that they’re not sweating it.

The thing is… even if it *was* the real recipe, why would anyone actually want to pay $5-$15 million dollars for it? So they could make it at home? It’s not like it’s especially difficult or expensive to go to the store and buy it. Even if someone had designs on drinking more than $5 million dollars worth of Coke in their lifetime, they would still not be saving any money, because they’d still have to buy the ingredients and then also spend all of their free time making Coke. That would be such a weird life, especially given that Coca-Cola is not that expensive and it would be a lot easier to just buy it.

I mean, like even if you planned to go into business for yourself selling your home-made Coca-Cola, I don’t think you’d make that much money anyway, because you’d have to open a bottling plant, and then people would be like “Um, this product already exists” and probably wouldn’t buy your weird fugazi Coke anyway.

Granted, I’m just a writer, so I don’t know too much about this kind of stuff. So I called my father, because he’s a marketing genius and when I was little he worked for Shasta. He explained that it’s not the recipe that people are buying, but the brand. Basically, you could even have a way better Cola recipe than Coke’s and it wouldn’t matter to most people who usually drink Coke. In true Dad fashion, he gave me an analogy about golf balls.

Apparently, one kind of golf balls is the most popular kind, but they had to change their “golf ball recipe” because it was infringing on another brand’s patent, but people still bought the popular kind of golf balls instead of the other brand anyway, even though the other one was technically better.

So, probably, people who liked Coke would probably just continue drinking Coke and you would be out $5-15 million dollars. What I am saying here, is that it would be a poor business decision. If it was a good one, that dude probably wouldn’t be selling it.