Four Tet releases original version of ‘Unspoken’ (featuring Tori Amos)

Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet, is quite possibly one of the most inspiring artists of our generation. Collaborating with the likes of Thom Yorke and Burial, Hebden has made some of the best melodic music in the past decade.

Since his debut record “Dialogue” in 1999 Hebden has forever made a lasting impact on ambient music. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of his seminal third album “Rounds” which has been reissued in celebration of this historic date. Today he shares with us the original version of the album track “Unspoken,” which samples Tori Amos’ “Winter.”

“The first track I made for the album… this version (is) about 12 years old,” Hebden tweeted. “We tried [to] get the Tori thing cleared for the reissue but still didn’t work out.”

The original promotional version of the track features a piano bit that, while albeit a small difference, really adds to the emotional undertone of the track. Lord knows why Amos would not clear this track as it is amazing listening to it in its original form.

Compare below with the new alternative version first and the one that eventually made the album second, and while you are at it pick up “Rounds” via Domino Records here.