Matt Vincent has Kevin Devine and Jesse Lacey beat in the sadness sector

As 2013’s reply to the strong-but-weathered legacy of bands like Brand New or The Get Up Kids, and even Joan of Arc and The Anniversary, The American Scene’s thoughtful, pop-infused indie rock is something too many fans of clever lyrics and depressing hooks have overlooked as of late. Kids seem to be sprinting past their merch table and gobbling up the more sugary, and even aggressive, output from their peers and label contemporaries at shows where TAS opens for The Story So Far, State Champs, et al. Meanwhile the boys keep pumping out incredible track after incredible track, and I, for one, am hoping it catches on sooner than later.

Singer, Matt Vincent, for The American Scene’s voice is so much his own even as he wears his influences in the chords of his first single “Wicked Thirst” from his first solo effort, a split 12″ with Alexander Correia of The Tower and The Fool. It’s almost as if Elliot Smith was in the background offering pointers during this session, with Matt perched on the edge of his bed and a 4 track white-noising along as he pours his heart out, “I sleep so much better when you’re in bed alone.”

Stream the track here an catch Matt with TAS on this Summer’s Vans Warped Tour.