Anthony Weiner staffs up, expected to announce mayoral bid next week

Gossip that’s been buzzing among political junkies this week turned into headline news on Wednesday morning, after Politico reported that Anthony Weiner has made at least two hires for his prospective New York City mayoral candidacy. The former U.S. congressman has staffed up with a press secretary and, as his apparent campaign manager, Danny Keder, a NYC political operative who has managed at least two congressional runs in the five boroughs. Team Weiner is expected to officially announce its bid for City Hall next week.

The New York Post jumped on the coattails of Politico’s scoop with a source who claims that “he’s definitely running” as well as the hacky headline below.


The Post, which has been experiencing something of a breakdown since their shameful Boston bombing coverage, is likely conducting business as usual or having one hell of a time inside of a sinking ship. Either way, they’re probably doing Weiner a favor — the Manhattanite’s new Twitter account is so boring — as is the touting of his (2009) “Keys to the City” manual — the public probably needs a reminder why Weiner was such an important headline-grabber in the first place.

The press awaits Weiner’s announcement, expected some time before May 27.

source: Politico and New York Post