Opening scene of James Bond ‘Casino Royale’ recreated with Legos

Maybe it’s not the most efficient method, but one surefire way to circumvent takedown notices is, instead of uploading James Bond movies in full onto YouTube, to make your own. With Legos.

This week, plastic toy fanatic Bricktease uploaded the below frame-by-frame recreation of the opening scene from the 2006 James Bond revival “Casino Royale.” It’s honestly the most elaborate Lego animation sequence I’ve ever seen, and no wonder: The 26-year-old behind the four-minute clip admits on his Tumblr that, if it weren’t for his parents letting him crash at home, his genius efforts at Lego animation would never exist. So how about that, ladies? You ready for a little 007-on-Lego action? Hit up Bricktease here after your mind is blown from the video below.

h/t I Heart Chaos