Trailer: ‘Stalingrad’ is Russia’s answer to ‘Saving Private Ryan’

Since Steven Spielberg pretty much tapped the well dry for WWII movies back in 1998 — well, for the European Theatre at least (“The Thin Red Line” kicks ass) — I would think it’d be a pretty brass decision for any movie mogul to bankroll a straightforward Nazis-get-pwned feature without some huge cocaine wizard name attached. But, apparently, not a fuck was given by the backers of ClinFedor Bondarchuk’s $30 million battleground porn “Stalingrad.”

If the trailer below proves anything, a no-name cast and “Saving Private Ryan” derivative plotline (IMDb: “The action takes place in 1942 when the German troops occupied the bank of the Volga river … and from that moment the soldiers have to protect this girl at any cost”) didn’t stop Art Pictures Studio from recreating what was essentially the nastiest battle in all of World War II — and arguably the one which won the whole damn thing. Also, Russians do The History Channel better than we do.

“Stalingrad” is slated for a fall release.

h/t FSR