Swedish man dies after having sex with a hornets’ nest

Police discovered a 35-year-old farmer dead and extremely bloated at his property on Monday in Ystad, Sweden, this week, after he apparently bumped fuglys with a hornets’ nest and sustained an insane number of stings. The man was simply known as “Hasse.” Further explanation, courtesy of Metro UK, and it’s gross:

Following an autopsy that revealed Hasse had 146 stings on his body – 54 of those on his genitals – authorities came to the conclusion he tried to have sex with the hornets’ nest.

Police are said to have found semen and the deceased man’s pubic hair on a few of the dead insects and at the opening of the nest.

The Swedish newspaper Nyheterna Sverige interviewed Siv During Livh, a psychologist who specializes in fetishism and bizarre sexual fantasies. “Attempting to have intercourse with a hornet’s nest is a very bad idea,” he told the paper. “Hasse must have had some form of sexual addiction that pushed to the limit. Perhaps [we] may find out later after talking to relatives and friends. I do not even think about the pain he must have suffered both [during the act] and the pain incurred by the attack.”

Neighbors told authorities that, at faraway glance of the bloated corpse, they mistook Hasse for “a beached whale.”

UPDATE: The story is a farce. Metro UK updated their story to reflect that Nyheterna Sverige is a satirical publication. Joke’s on us. Sorry.

source: Metro UK