Best sky-writing ever: ‘How Do I Land?’


Los Angeles comedian Kurt Braunohler used Kickstarter to perpetrate one of the best jokes of 2013 on the denizens of downtown L.A. on March 23. The beauty of the whole thing was supposed to be its brevity—it only lasted a few minutes and Braunohler posted on Tumblr that he only kept up for 20 minutes. It was just enough to make you wonder if you’d really seen it or if you were going crazy. But six weeks later a photo emerged and made the rounds on Reddit, preserving the beautifully simple stunt for posterity: “How do I land?” Classic.

Braunohler hosts a weekly comedy show with Kristen Schaal, with whom he also made the Amazon original show “Supanatural.” He also holds the dubious honor of maybe being the only person ever to make a Vine that’s actually “good.”